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In order to protect your investment, it is important to understand that your are fully protected in case of loss or damage. Weston Diamonds provides accurate and detailed appraisals that meet today's industry standard. We have invested in the latest technology to accurately identify most precious and semi-precious gems. 


Leaving your precious jewelry items for repairs can be a stressful experience. Our expertise allows us to examine and document your precious jewelry items before any repairs are commenced. Repairs from other jewelers can take a few weeks to a few months. Weston Diamonds has the infrastructure to expedite repairs and under normal circumstances are able to repair your items within *48 hours. Our labor cost is extremely competitive and our craftsmanship is truly outstanding. We utilize the latest laser technology allowing us to repair most items at a fraction of the cost. 


We are the experts in providing the highest service and integrity for all your jewelry replacement needs.  Our trained professionals offer accurate and certified quotes via fax, phone or email within 24 hours. Additional services include calculation for loss of value, re-cutting services and salvage evaluations.  Weston Diamonds offers competitive replacement pricing and professional customer service. 


Looking to reset your diamonds? Create an updated and unique design? We have the expertise to create that one of a kind ring that will make your dreams come true. 


Looking for that unique item for your company? Weston Diamonds specializes in providing unique items for all your corporate needs.  We offer quantity discount pricing along with engraving services.